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hey ashlee, can you give me any tips on the most appropriate way to convince my wife to get breast implants? cheers

Asked by sfrost331

Um, I think you should stop being an asshole and love your wife for how she is. Breast implants are a personal choice. If your wife doesn’t want them, then you should accept that. You sound like a total dick right now.
  1. adamoddskeleton said: Show us her tits! I bet they are sexy
  2. lacrossekid23 said: I think she should get them done and then leave his ass becuase what you Ashlee aswell as many other with them realise is they increase breast size usually and gain more attention on a dialy basis so his wife should get them done-serves him right
  3. naughtysundays said: This guy has to be trolling……no one is that dumb!
  4. blackroseorchid said: i totally love you so much right now Ashlee…<3
  5. bongster0304 said: Hahaha nice one Ashlee.
  6. fuck-society-live-your-dream said: Haha ahhh men.