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So why's a women like you still single

Asked by brokeballininc

1. Right now I basically live between two countries making it difficult to settle down.

2. I’m happy being single, and being in my late 20’s I feel like it would be foolish of me to commit to a relationship unless I am 100% certain I want to be with that person for good. I don’t have time for another two year thing. Being newly single SUCKS, stepping back into the dating world after being out of it SUCKS, and I’m not interested in doing it again. I’d rather just keep being single like I have been for two years and know what I’m doing and have a stable grasp on it all.

3. And this is probably the most important point, decent men aren’t exactly lining up to settle down with a girl whose boobs are on the internet. I’ve been naked in magazines and my boobs are but a Google search away, and because of that I am aware of and accepting of the fact that most men will never take me seriously and it probably will be difficult to find someone who will love me. It’s just part of what I do, and I understand that.
  1. brokeballininc said: Thanks for taking the time to reply, wasn’t trying to put you on blast or anything, just trying to get inside that pretty head of yours, Cali Is the best
  2. dego419 said: There’s def guys that are ok with it. If I had a gf like that, I know I wouldn’t. As long as there is trust, a relationship will work, no matter how many people have seen your boobs. When the time is right, an if it’s meant to be, you will find him.
  3. jover756753379 said: Perhaps .I can fall in love with you…
  4. jonnyhrdwood said: Wow you seem pretty down to earth
  5. thesimplicityofchance said: I don’t think it matters that your boobs are on the Internet a good man would be glad to have someone as good looking and fun a person you seem to be at least from your blog
  6. dumbgenious said: Any decent man would give you the chance to get to know you. I know I would!!
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