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Where do you get your bra's and bikini's from? I'm a bra size 12GG (naturally) and find it SOOO hard to find pretty, un-granny bra's or bikini's to fit me. Do you order online or have a place (in Adelaide) where you used to go to? Thankyou <3 xx

Asked by peace-love-empathy

I get asked this a lot, and honestly I have never had any trouble at all finding bikinis that fit me. I wear a pretty standard size M in most bikini labels so I just buy them from anywhere. With bras I either just wear the Playboy brand from Bras ‘n’ Things, or I buy like Target/VS/etc bras in a 14D and sew in an extra hook clasp to make the band tighter, as they tend to fit me in the cup.
  1. sexswitch said: Ashlee has implants, so she doesn’t need as much support as naturals. Also, GG is quite a bit larger than Ashlee’s
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