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Onwards and upwards!

I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching lately. With the rapid and dramatic rise in public recognition that has come my way lately, so has come a lot of nastiness and negativity which had left me feeling a bit distressed and wracked with uncertainty and self-doubt. But you know what, after taking a two week break and giving it a great deal of thought I realised I need to fucking embrace this. I have worked my ass off for years to be in this position and I DO deserve this, and I will regret it forever if I let shitty, bitter, nasty, miserable, jealous people get me down and make me waste these opportunities because I’m too busy questioning myself.

Long story short, I’m back and I am ready to rock :)
  1. brads1 said: You rock…but then you know this ;)
  2. niceandradical said: Go Ashlee! You are one of my stripper idols!
  3. majorjazza said: (: you’re an inspiration!
  4. devilmind666 said: Awesome stuff =) You’re a great person, and you just happen to be blessed with the drive to do what you want in life. Some people may be threatened by that and lash out, but that shouldn’t get you down.
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