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How old were you when you lost your virginity? And what was your first time like? If it isn't too personal for you to answer..

Asked by sugarbunnyboocakes

I was seventeen. My first time was… unpleasant. It was with my boyfriend at the time who was the most popular guy in school, and I’d always been the unpopular loser so I was pretty excited that he of all boys was paying attention to me. We had been dating for months, and then I moved away. The next weekend I went back there with dad to pick up the last of our stuff, and I ended up seeing the boy and having sex with him. That night he told me he loved me… and then he broke up with me over the phone the next morning. Everyone from my old school laughed about it and stopped talking to me, and I had made no friends at my new school yet to talk to. I tried calling him every day for a month afterwards and he’d never take my calls, eventually I gave up and we never spoke again. It left me very depressed and isolated and messed me up pretty badly for a long time!
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