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I must take you somewhere that has buffalo tofu. It's soooo damn good!

Asked by solidasarockstar

i will try it but i don’t really like tofu! p.s. i haven’t seen you in FAR too long arggghhh

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The two things I want in life are wings and Ashlee Adams.

Asked by ineedtoreblogsomevideotapes

i enjoy your tumblr username

04.15.14 1

on friday i have a guy from my past staying the night at my house, it’s someone i never actually expected to see or even really talk to again so it’s pretty weird and will most likely be awkward as hell but he’s gonna be in town and wants to see me and i guess it’ll be fun and i’m in need of some attention haha so whatever.

04.15.14 11
I speak about 2-3 years ago

Asked by massimotv

i didn’t even have a KIK 2-3 years ago. i promise you, we have never spoken privately. 

04.15.14 3
Not sure if you'll see this but damn my mouth started watering seeing those buffalo wings. I'm hoping to be heading back in October! I can't wait!

Asked by cptwoodsy

i would probably drink buffalo sauce from the bottle i love it that much haha

04.15.14 3
Hi Ashley, remember me? We were friends on kik Can you write me there? Kik: massimotv

Asked by massimotv

i loathe instant messaging with anyone but close friends and i’ve never used KIK to socialise with anyone ever, so if you thought you were my friend on KIK i’m afraid you were being catfished sorry!

04.15.14 2

godddd i’m missing american food at the moment haha. i’ve got a flight booked to go over there in a couple of weeks but i still don’t know if i can go with all the work stuff i’ve got on. probably gonna have to postpone for now!

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Zoom foodp0rn101:

Buffalo wings. (:


Buffalo wings. (:

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Zoom sirpent89:




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Zoom do-not-touch-my-food:

Butter Chicken
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This is like the cutest thing ever. It’s from the gif-set I reblogged.

Taking its first steps, and after successfully doing so, the chick goes “Yay!”


It’s so freaking cute.

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Zoom superseventies:

Debbie Harry, Los Angeles, 1977


Debbie Harry, Los Angeles, 1977

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Zoom 📚👓


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