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Ask Box FAQ!

What’s your Xbox Live Gamertag?

I don’t give that out, sorry. I made that mistake once before and ended up being so bombarded by horny fuckwits while I was trying to game that I canceled that account and made a new one that I don’t give out to anyone but real life friends.

What do your tattoos mean?

They mean a lot of things. Mostly that I like video games. Also that I was young and a dickhead and they were free and I made some questionable life choices that are permanent. I’m pretty sick of talking about my tattoos.

Are your boobs real?

They’re not imaginary.

Who did your breast implants? What size are they?

I went to Dr Tim Edwards at Adelaide Plastic Surgery Associates on North Terrance in Adelaide. I had 380cc round silicone gel implants put in over the muscle with a crease incision, which took me from a C cup to an E.

You’re hot/beautiful/etc.

That’s not really a question, but thank you. I appreciate all the lovely things people send to my ask box but I’d feel like a bit of a twat if I spammed all of your feeds with such things, and I don’t really have time to reply to them all individually. So yeah, I’m not ignoring you or anything :)